Kay White

Owner, Way Forward Solutions Ltd

“Kay White is known as The Smart Career Moves Mentor for Corporate Women and is the Author of two Number 1 best-selling books (The A to Z of Being Understood AND It’s Always Your Move) .
Kay shows experienced corporate career women how to own and leverage their skills, value and experience so they more confidently navigate their career paths towards promotion, more recognition and more rewards (all without losing themselves along the way).

Drawing upon the highs and lows of her own +20-year corporate experience in insurance broking at Willis, London (starting as a Secretary and leaving as a Divisional Director) Kay brings her passion and experience for the energy of language, the art of influence and persuasion and making strategic, considered career moves to her clients.  As Kay says “I show career women how to take the steering wheel and drive their own career bus”.
Kay and her husband live close to London with 3 rescue Lurchers and much of Kay’s inspiration comes from walking the hounds, early in the mornings, in the local countryside.  Playing the drums (occasionally guest-spotting in a heavy rock band) and Water-skiing, Kay keeps herself flexible with Yoga and Pilates.