Julie Courtney

Founder of Resilience Formula, Leader for Executive MBA Programme, Cambridge University

An engaging and influential person, Julie combines her professional background with her rich life experiences to deliver a unique coaching approach that enables her clients to transform all aspects of their lives, from commercial results to improved relationships both in the workplace and at home.

Julie’s personal style is challenging, playful and made relevant to the context of the client’s life. Advocating for mental fitness and how we can grow and develop this in spite of the challenges we face is a particular aspect to resilience Julie is interested in. A passionate advocate for proactive resilience and learning mindfulness in high performance cultures, Julie blends her corporate background with an extensive knowledge of wellbeing practices in a commercially viable and engaging way.

Seeking to be a real model, Julie can share insights from 2 episodes of extreme trauma in her life that has taken her own resilience to the brink and impacted the mental health of those around her. Julie is highly engaged in the importance of re-focusing on health and wellbeing in spite of life and work challenges and can share insights both from a personal and professional perspective on how we can all grow and thrive through pressure.